The Dark Sacrament - exorcism in modern ireland signed by authors
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Strange Mist
Location: Allen - Bog of Allen
Before a large part of this boggy land was drained, it was renowned for strange shapes, vaguely human in appearance, which appeared at night. One man who walked across the area encountered a strange cloud which enveloped him, filling the poor man with terror, before it drifted off.

Black Cat of Killakee
Location: Bottom of Montpellier Hill, Co. Dublin
A large black cat has been seen in this area. One report tells of the cat speaking in a human voice then dissappearing.

Headless Piano Player
Location: Killakee House, Montpellier Hill, Co. Dublin
A lady saw a headless male torso in a dress suit and dickie bow through a keyhole. When the door was open the figure dissappeared.

Location: Ballymoy - Ballymoy Castle
Invisible wraiths are said to sweep the castle clean each Saturday.

Location: Bannow Bay - Tintern Abbey
Travelling by the light of burning torches, a line of monks can be seen moving towards the abbey, chanting Gregorian hymns.

Floating Candles
Location: Birr - Leap Castle
Strange lights were constantly reported floating around within the building before it was converted into a family home in 1991. Since then, other ghosts have been reported within, including an old man seen sitting by the fireplace and a woman in a red dress.

Unfaithful Girl
Location: Bray - Lover's Leap rock, Dargle Valley
Date / Time: 20 June (or Midsummer Eve) (reoccurring)
The female ghost which appears here once a year is said to be that of a woman who was unfaithful to her boyfriend. He died of grief, and the woman sat in mourning over his grave continuously for several days before taking her life on the rock, leaping into the river below.

Henrietta Travescant
Location: Carlingford - Carlingford Castle and Abbey ruins
A pirate before taking up the residency of Abbess, this woman is thought to be one of the pair of shades seen within the ruins.

Red Girl
Location: Carlingford - Rectory
This figure was watched as she moved towards the door of the rectory, followed by a priest. Both figures vanished, though the girl has been seen since within the building.

Empty Coffin
Location: Castleboro - Castleboro House
Lady Carew reported seeing a phantom funeral procession on the lawn of the house - two days later she was informed of her husband's death, occurring at the moment she had her 'vision'.

Stable Boy
Location: Castledermot - Kilkea Castle
This lad was killed after being discovered in the bedroom of the owner's daughter. He still walks around the building looking for his former girlfriend. The castle also carries stories about being haunted by a former wizard who once resided there, who remains in a trance under the structure.

Man in Grey Coat
Location: Celbridge - Castletown Manor House
The spectre dressed in a long grey coat is more likely to be heard laughing mockingly. One legend attached to the building has the Devil paying a previous owner a visit - it is unclear whether the haunting is connected to this event.

Big Eyed Dog
Location: Clane - Clongowes Wood College
The phantom hound with glowing eyes which walked the corridors at night was said by students to be the manifestation of a hanged murderer. The building was also once witness to a Crisis Manifestation, when the ghost of a Marshall appeared to two sisters - they identified him as their brother, who, it was later discovered, was killed in action at the time of the visitation.

Coach and Four
Location: Clondalkin - Newlands House, currently part of the Newlands Golf Club
Newlands was once owned by Arthur Wolfe, Chief Justice of Ireland; the ghostly coach is said to follow the route it once took, taking Arthur's body away from his home.

Mistaken Soldier
Location: Clonegal - Huntingdon Castle
His ghostly form since seen knocking on the castle door, this trooper was mistakenly killed by his own forces after returning back to the castle disguised as an English Royalist soldier. The castle is also haunted by former owner Barbara St Lege, one of her maids, and several monks.

Jacky Dalton
Location: Clonmellon - Killua Castle
With wild yellow hair, Jacky's ghost still moves around the castle at night. Jacky was a land steward to Sir Benjamin Chapman, though he turned to drink and finally suicide after his employer's death.

The Thin Man
Location: Clonony - Clonony Castle
Spotted by a man driving past the ruins at night, this gaunt figure appeared to be bathed in misty light.

Archibald Jacob
Location: Clough Mills - Road between Clough Mills and Wilton Castle, Black Stream area
Renown for his monstrous temper, Captain Jacob died when his horse stumbled and threw him from the saddle, breaking his neck. Jacob's ghost remains in the area.

Harry Alcock
Location: Clough Mills - Wilton Castle
Once a year, as the sun sets, a phantom carriage moves away from the castle carrying Harry. The ghostly sight was said to have been so common that dozens of people would gather to watch the scene.

James II
Location: Donore - Athcarne Castle
James II stayed here just before his defeat at the Battle of the Boyne, and now his shade lingers on. He is not alone here, however. A crazy looking girl walks around the area with her hands caked in blood, while a soldier has been observed hanging by his neck from a tree.

Hanging Woman
Location: Drogheda - Stagrennan House, Mornington Road
Unable to sleep, Frank K rolled over in his bed to turn on the lamp and spotted a woman standing with her back turned to him a couple of metres away. She had mousy brown curly hair in a pony tail tied with a black ribbon, and was wearing a black and red vertically striped corset top with white puffy shoulders. Frank thought the woman had entered his bedroom by accident, before realising that she was floating off the ground, and that she had a rope around her neck which stretched towards the ceiling. The apparition quickly faded away.

Location: Dublin - 118 Summerhill (no longer standing)
Unease spread amongst workmen in the process of demolishing the house after they spotted a spectral butcher moving around the rooms. The ghost had previously been reported in two other houses along the road which had already been knocked down.

Location: Dublin - 13 Henrietta Street
Now thought to have been exorcised, this phantom woman wearing old fashioned clothing was seen by neighbours looking in through the window.

Location: Dublin - 7 and 8 Hendrick Street (no longer standing)
Starting in the 1920s, and lasting for a period of around thirty years, occupants in number 7 reported hearing the sound of shoeless footsteps which traversed the rooms and corridors. Number 8 was haunted by a man who was seen standing by the fireplace.

Lord Norbury
Location: Dublin - Cabra district
The otherworldly black hound which stalks the area is said to be the ghost of Lord Norbury, a harsh judge renown for his overuse of the hangman's noose.

Screams of the Drowning
Location: Dublin - Deey Bridge and canal lock
A passenger boat sunk here in the eighteenth century; many of the occupants drowned, and their psychic screams continue to this day.

Knock on Wood
Location: Dublin - Fishamble Street Theatre (no longer standing)
The Green Room of this former theatre was haunted by phantom rapping, which always started at the same time each evening and lasted exactly fifteen minutes.

Boyd's Dog Returns
Location: Dublin - Glasnevin Cemetery
The ghost of a Newfoundland dog sometimes appears at the grave of John McNeill Boyd. After Boyd drowned, the dog refused to leave his master's grave and slowly staved to death. The loyal hound is still seen in the area, and also at St Patrick's Cathedral.

Lilac Balls of Light
Location: Dublin - Glenasmole, Bohernabreena
Some locals say that these balls of light, lilac in colour, are fairies; others say they are the manifestation of a lady who lost her way in a bad snowstorm in the middle ages and consequently died - she now tries to prevent her fate from happening to others.

The Cross at the Window
Location: Dublin - Iveagh House, St Stephen's Green
A cross would once manifest upon a window pane facing the square, visible to those walking by the property. It is reported that crowds would gather hoping to see the unearthly crucifix.

Buck Jones
Location: Dublin - Jones's Road
Riding headless on the back of a white horse, this phantom is named as Buck Jones, former City Sheriff (though the man died in a debtor's prison).

Archbishop Narcissus Marsh
Location: Dublin - Marsh's Library
The wraithy Archbishop still looks through the books and manuscripts which line the library's shelves. One legend says he is searching for a lost letter, hidden within the pages of an unknown volume.

Sean Treacy
Location: Dublin - Mater Private Nursing Hospital (no longer standing?)
Sean appeared to his friend Dan Breen as he lay in hospital - both were involved in a gun fight with the British, though Sean died of his wounds some hours before visiting Dan.

Dressing Room Rearranging
Location: Dublin - Olympia Theatre, Dame Street
Doors and windows have been known to rattle violently in this theatre, and once a dressing room was virtually destroyed by an unknown presence.

Sherwood Forester
Location: Dublin - Percy Place
The Sherwood Forest regiment suffered heavy losses during the Battle of Mount Street Bridge, just round the corner from Percy Place. The ghostly soldier seen standing on guard is believed to have participated in the fight.

Location: Dublin - Private residence, Jobstown Estate, Tallaght district
A man awoke in a cold sweat at 3:30am, to an extremely loud high pitched wail which seemed to shift around his home. He rang his girlfriend, and she was able to clearly hear the sound. Two weeks later, they heard of a death in the family.

Chained Hound
Location: Dublin - Pussy's Leap, Templeogue area
The large black canine which walked his area created the sound of jangling chains with each step it took.

Lock Keeper
Location: Dublin - Rathmines Bridge, Portobello Harbour
The hostile phantom of a former lock keeper has been blamed for the deaths of seven people over the years - it takes the form of a blinding light which causes disorientation in witnesses, resulting in them falling into the waters below and drowning.

Headless Horseman
Location: Dublin - Roper's Rest, leading to Love Lane
This decapitated figure rides along the road once darkness falls.

Mary Masters
Location: Dublin - Shelbourne hotel
Medium Sybil Leek said that she had met this young girl in Room 526, and that the youngster was looking for someone named Sophie.

Location: Dublin - St Michan's Church
The vault under this church contains thirty mummified bodies - people who have listened carefully in the room claim to have heard loud whispering.

Boyd's Dog
Location: Dublin - St Patrick's Cathedral
The ghost of a Newfoundland dog sometimes appears at the memorial of John McNeill Boyd - Boyd died rescuing sailors at risk of drowning, and his dog was said to have waited at his master's grave until the day it died. The incorporeal pet is also reported at Glasnevin Cemetery.

Jonathan Swift
Location: Dublin - St Patrick's Psychiatric Hospital
The author of Gulliver's Travels has been seen many times since 1745, when the hospital which Swift championed finally opened.

Buck Whaley
Location: Dublin - St Stephen's Green, leading to Cuffe Street
Pacing along the road, Whaley's shade is said to follow his well travelled route whilst living.

Headless Coach
Location: Dublin - Tallaght district
A team of headless horses are driven around the area by a decapitated coachman, named as the Archdeacon Bulkeley.

Location: Dublin - The Dublin Hellfire Club
Though not officially used for many years, visitors to the site at night report dancing shadows in and around the former hunting lodge.

Lady Reid
Location: Dublin - Town house in Fitzwilliam Square
This phantom woman has terrorised many visitors to the house who have tried to spend the night in the guest bedroom.

Location: Dublin - Unknown house near St Stephen's Green
Most of Corney's antics resembled classic poltergeist activity (hiding crockery and cutlery, pinching people as they lay in bed), though he did manifest to a young boy who described him as a naked old man. The haunting became so well known locally that the owners had a very hard time trying to sell the house.

Location: Glendalough - Monastery ruins
This woman in a red dress is said to have been killed by Saint Kevin, who whipped the woman with nettles and pushed her into a lake. Her form is said to have appeared on several photographs taken in the area.

Captain Blundell
Location: Granard - General area
Blundell, a British officer, rides decapitated upon horseback in this area. His headless body was found in a nearby barracks, and an investigation ruled that the man had killed himself. Some people thought this to be unlikely, and believed his ghost had returned to prove that a murder had really occurred.

Hessian Cavalry
Location: Horetown - Battle of Horetown site and Green Road
Date / Time: 20 June (reoccurring)
The entire Battle of Horetown is replayed on its anniversary, while a lone Hessian trooper is seen standing by a tree along Green Road where his is thought to be buried.

White Rat
Location: Howth - Howth Castle
This ghostly albino rat appears whenever misfortune or evil threatens the House of St Lawrence. The castle is also haunted by phantom footsteps.

Young Child
Location: Kildare - Road outside Clongowes Wood College
Several motorists have had to brake sharply to avoid hitting a child who runs out in front of them. The infant always quickly vanishes after the driver stops. The area is also home to a phantom coach which halts at the front gates at midnight.

Lady with Crutches
Location: Kilkenny - Area around St John's Parochial Hall
Moving around on crutches, the ghost of a tall lean woman with flowing hair and long coat has been reported around the hall.

Sleeping Sentry
Location: Kilkenny - Foulksrath Castle
Date / Time: 29 November (reoccurring)
A guard at the castle once fell asleep while on duty, and was thrown from the battlements as punishment. Once a year, his footsteps are heard as he walks around to make amends for his inappropriate actions. A ghostly woman can also been heard as she moves around on a staircase, and is accompanied by the smell of wild flowers.

Black Cat of Killakee
Location: Killakee - General area, including the Arts Centre
The Arts Centre found itself haunted by a violent manifestation during the 1970s, which destroyed rooms which the owners securely padlocked up. A short spectral man was seen to transform into a black cat before vanishing, leading to speculation that the building was haunted by a demon once summoned by the nearby Hell Fire Club.

Peter Fourth Earl of Fingall
Location: Killeen - Killeen Castle
The former Earl of Fingall has been observed a few times around the castle, always dressed in a blue coat and powered wig. The library is also haunted by strange noises and moving furniture and fittings.

Location: Kinnitty - Kinnitty Castle
This spooky monk walks around the castle many centuries after his death, and is said to communicate future events to those who want to listen.

Blazing Eyed Dog
Location: Malahide - Feltrim Hill
A large black hound with burning red eyes was said to lurk in this area. A phantom grey horse is also reported, as is an old woman laden down with a bundle of faggots, drifting towards the Holy Well.

Location: Malahide - Malahide Castle
A small man, Puck only stands 120 centimetres tall and possesses a long mattered beard. He is said to have been a watchman who fell asleep and failed to see approaching enemy soldiers, so took his own life out of shame.

Suicidal Student
Location: Maynooth - Maynooth College, Rhetoric House
After two students committed suicide in room 2 of the building, and a third leapt from the window after believing an evil spirit was trying to take over his body, a priest was called in to spend the night. In the morning he was found a gibbering wreck, his hair turned white through fear.

Shadowy Coaches
Location: Mount Pellier - Ruins of the Hell Fire Club
Founded in the 1730s, the Hell Fire Club quickly became notorious for its black antics. The former meeting ground is said to be haunted by some of these dark deeds, and by phantom horse and coaches which rush past the building, containing the souls of former Hell Fire Club members.

Sabrina and Orwin
Location: Mountnugent - Ross Castle and Ross Restaurant
These two youngsters were killed as they tried to elope and escape family politics. En route, Orwin drowned and Sabrina died a few days later of a broken heart. Their ghosts haunt the area, and may manifest in the form of screams and unnatural cold winds.

Heavy Breathing
Location: Naul - Westownhouse
The ghost of a poacher shot on the site is still said to haunt the ruins of this building. Two visitors to the site reported feeling heavy breathing behind them, though they could see no one.

Man with Hound
Location: Navan - Skyrne Castle, Hill of Tara
A phantom man, tall and covered by a cloak, once haunted this area, accompanied by his hunting hound. The area is also home to a shadowy nun and a woman in white who screams as she is chased by an unidentified shadow.

Cloaked Man
Location: Porterstown - Old schoolhouse (may no longer be standing)
This former school building is reputed to be haunted by a figure dressed in a cloak.

Little Boy
Location: Rathfarnham - Rathfarnham Castle
Frequenting the gate house area, this young lad is thought to have been murdered in the area. The castle is also haunted by a dog, which gave his life trying to save his master who had fallen into an ice covered pond.

Incorporeal Hound
Location: Redcross - Country lane in the area
A woman walking home tried to pat a black dog which appeared and padded along beside her. Her hand passed straight through the creature, and it vanished a few moments later.

Boss Croker
Location: Sandyford - Glencairn House
Horse racing millionaire 'Boss' Croker invested a great deal of money into his Irish residence, and would appear to continue to keep an eye on his former estate. His spectral form has been watched by former workers and friends drifting around the garden and a handful of rooms.

Location: Skryne - Skryne Castle
This ghost was once watched as she slowly dissolved into nothingness. She has also been heard walking in empty parts of the building, though the footsteps could belong to a white woman who also haunts the castle.

Slim Woman
Location: Slade - Loftus Hall
This phantom woman in white died of the traditional broken heart after her father drove away her one true love. The entity has been reported exorcised.

Railway Guard
Location: Straffan - Railway track
This former rail employee walks along the track carrying a lamp. In 1853 an accident between two trains killed sixteen people; an inquiry blamed the guard who had forgotten to attach a lamp at the rear of the train (which would have prevented the collision). To atone, the guardsman forever walks the rails.

Location: Sutton - Coastline
The ship William was lured onto the rocks by wreakers operating in the area, 78 people dying as the ship was torn to pieces on the rocks. The phantom ship still passes by the coastline, while on land, strange lights dance around.

Heinous Horse
Location: Termonfeckin - Road passing Rath House
Two young adults driving along this road witnessed an otherworldly horse with the face of a man, the creature's eyes bulging from their sockets. The manifestation stood in the road, blocking their path for two minutes before vanishing.

Strange Light
Location: Timogue - Churchyard
This churchyard would be illuminated by unearthly light and night, and the locals whispered that fleeting white shapes could be seen darting between tombstones.

Blue Girl
Location: Tullamore - Charleville Forest Castle
This young girl fell while playing on the staircase, dying on the floor below. Her ghost is seen on the stairs or felt rushing past witnesses. The other spooks include a young boy (seen in the same location as the blue girl), a dark hooded woman accompanied by a party of monks, laughing children in a former nursery room, and the sounds of two Englishmen getting drunk!

Location: Tullynally - Tullynally Castle
The butler fell in love with one of the castle's cooks, but was rejected. He later hanged himself, though has been seen since, walking around the castle and its grounds. One witness saw a thirty year old Victorian woman standing in a guest room.


Richard Costen
Location: Ardmore - Ardogina House
Richard died trying to escape from the law for a crime he did not commit. He can be heard screaming, choked to death on the reins of his horse. The spectral Jeremiah Coghlan reportedly rides on the back of a white horse - if seen, the viewer will die within a year. Finally, Sir Francis Prendergast, a psychotic murderer, stalks nearby woodland.

Nellie Flemming
Location: Ardmore - Whiting bay to Glencairn Beach
Two groups of fishermen half a mile out to sea observed a large fishing boat heading towards them. Even though the boat made no sound and did not create any waves, the fishermen pulled back their nets fearing that the vessel contained customs officers, and hid in the nearby coves for the boat to pass - but it had vanished. A fortnight later, a huge storm hit the area and a local schooner named 'Nellie Flemming' was lost without trace, and the fishermen became convinced that the 'Nellie Flemming' was the strange boat they had seen.

Black Goat
Location: Ballvaughan - Poulaphuca, area around dolmen
This goat, though by some to be a fairy being, resides over the tombs in the area. The creature causes anyone who threatens the land to develop a hunchback.

Vanishing Island
Location: Ballycotton - Off coast
Local fishermen awoke to see a strange new island out to sea, covered with trees and rocks. As dozens climbed into their boats and set off towards it, the island faded from view.

Danish Captain
Location: Ballyheigue - Ballyheigue Castle
This ghost was once a well treated prisoner in the castle, who died trying to protect the building from a large scale robbery.

Location: Bunratty - Rathlaheen Cottage, near Bunratty Castle
The wails of the banshee were heard within this building just before a death occurred.

Black Blob
Location: Cappagh White (or Cappawhite?) - Road approaching Ironmills bridge
While travelling on his bicycle, Thomas Fahey stated that a strange black blob landed on his handlebars. The weird entity slowed the bicycle down considerably, before moving off and disappearing along a path.

Location: Carrigaholt - Rahona Lodge
This ghost was described as 'lucky' by former owner Charlotte Kean, as it could spend as much time as it liked at her family's summer home.

Begging Boy
Location: Castlelyons - Old Castle ruins
This sad little figure is said to move around begging for his life to be saved. He was murdered by a former owner of the castle for misbehaving.

Petticoat Loose
Location: Clogheen - Large pond in the Knockmealdown Mountains
The monster known as Petticoat Loose has a body similar to that of a horse, while the head takes the form of a woman. When it appears (which is rare), the creature asks 'When will the day of judgement come?' before disappearing back under the water.

Princess Orloff
Location: Clogheen - Shallardstown Mansion (no longer standing)
The shade of Orloff, a former Russian Princess, was reported by a caretaker who looked after the building after it fell empty. Her coach could also occasionally be heard setting off along the driveway, driven by her loyal butler.

Crying Baby
Location: Cork - Commodore hotel
The upper part of the hotel is haunted by the cries of a young baby, whose body was once discovered in a cupboard

Murdered Pirates
Location: Cummer - Castle Dunanore
Sometimes one can see a ghostly ship drop anchor just off the coast; the battle scarred sailors use smaller boats to row to the castle where they carry chests and sacks of gold and jewels into the ruined structure.

Thick Mist
Location: Currabunny - Currabunny Woods
A group of friend in the woods at dusk reported a thick mist that quickly descended the area. Footsteps and other noises surrounded them as they ran towards the car park. As they ran clear of the woods, the mist lifted and silence returned once more.

Death Coach
Location: Derrymore - Derrymore House
As the owner of the house lay dying, the other family members around his bed heard a horse drawn coach pull up outside the house. Believing it to be the doctor, they rushed downstairs, but nothing could be seen on the gravel driveway. The owner died soon after.

Crying Banshee
Location: Dingle - John Street
A family named Hussey were filled with dread when they heard the wailing of the banshee outside their home. However, the banshee stopped crying and told them that she would never warn 'hoarding traders' of impending death. Sure enough, the following day the family discovered another man by the name of Hussey in the town had died.

Black Coach
Location: Doneraile - Area outside Doneraile Court
A farmer returning home encountered a coach pulled by four headless horses, which pulled away from the Court's driveway at breakneck speed. The man later learned that Viscount Doneraile died just before his encounter. The ghost of Lady Casteltown has been reported within the building, as has her husband.

Screams of Spanish Soldiers
Location: Dun an Oir - General area
Over eight hundred Spanish soldiers landed here in 1580, overrunning an English garrison. Spanish reinforcements failed to come, however, and their victory was short lived when more English troops arrived. The Spaniards surrendered, but most were immediately put to death by the enraged English. Their death throes echo around the area on the anniversary of their defeat.

Old Lady
Location: Ennis - Ballyalla House
Seen standing on the staircase, this little elderly lady sometimes makes an appearance when visitors arrive.

Pregnant Woman
Location: Glandore - The Druid's Alter
This stone circle is haunted by the ghost of a woman who drowned herself only a few weeks before she was due to give birth. She is said to have had an unhealthy interest in the stones, hence her ghost returned to the area.

White Lady
Location: Kilcosgriff - Kilcosgriff Castle
The wife of a former Langford man, this woman now only appears before a death in the family.

Shoe Peddler
Location: Kildinan - Kildinan Castle
The owner of the castle was betrayed by this peddler, though the castle guard soon caught up with the traitor, cut off his head, and stuck it on a spike as a warning to others. The peddler has remained trapped in the building ever since.

Location: Kilkishen - Glenwood area
For years after an ambush which left many RIC men dead, locals reported hearing the screams of wounded people in the area.

White Lady
Location: Kinsale - Charles Fort
This woman leapt to her death from the battlements after discovering that her father had mistakenly shot dead her newly wed husband. Since her death, she has been seen walking through locked doors and was blamed for knocking at least two witnesses unconscious.

Location: Labasheeda - Erribal House
Letherly was hanged for murder, though this did not prevent him from haunting the home of one of his jurors. The phantom's neck was said to be twisted from the hangman's rope, and it was not long before the family called upon an exorcist to rid themselves of the repulsive ghost.

Location: Lahinch - Sea west of town
The town of Kilstiveen was submerged by a giant tidal wave, its inhabitants washed away to drown. The ghost town occasionally is glimpsed by fishermen.

White Woman
Location: Lismore - Glencairn Abbey
The abbey was once haunted by a young woman dressed in white. She was seen and heard moving in the upper part of the building, though it is said the haunting stopped once a Major discovered a heart in a metal box in the attic and gave it a proper burial.

Chair Thrower
Location: Listowel - Glanuna Foka, house along Convent Street
During one polt outbreak, chairs and other furniture were thrown through the windows. Locals were quickly on the scene, but could not find anyone in the house.

Finn's Dog
Location: Lough Bran (or Brin) - General area
McCool's hunting dog, Bran, drowned in this body of water - the area was named after the faithful hound. Bran's ghost now haunts the lake.

Preying Pooca
Location: Macroom - Carrigaphoca (or Carrigaphouka) Castle
This ghastly grim entity reputedly attacks visitors if the opportunity arises.

Shouting Shepherd
Location: Mitchelstown - Mitchelstown Caves
The ghostly shouts sometimes heard emerging from the caves is said to belong to a man looking for a fairy ewe which had helped him become wealthy. When the creature grew too old to produce quality wool, the shepherd tried to kill the creature, which escaped and led all his flock into the caves.

Breaking Glass
Location: Newmarket - James O'Keeffe Memorial Centre
The centre was once a convent but was converted to office space once the nuns moved away. One room was said to be haunted by the ghost of a nun who leapt to her death from the window. During the renovation work, builders found the window in this room smashed; they replaced it, but within 24 hours the glass had broken again. A local priest was called to bless the area, after which the glass pane remained intact.

Location: Newmarket on Fergus - MacAulliffe's Castle
Holding a bright lantern in an attempt to lure passing ships onto the rocks, the repulsive ghost of Carrickogunnel lurks around the castle. The other phantom found here is that of a bride who mysteriously vanished shortly after being married.

Second Earl of Tyrone
Location: Portlaw - Gill House
The Second Earl of Tyrone and Nicola Hamilton agreed that the first one to die should appear post mortem to the other. Many years later, Nicola (now Lady Beresford) encountered the ghost of the Earl at Gill House, which touched her wrist. The spectre left a blackened mark and caused the joint to shrivel up; Lady Beresford covered the area up with a black ribbon which she never removed. It is worth noting that the same story is told about a house in Dromore.

White Lady of Kilcosgriff
Location: Rathkeale - Abbey
The phantom white lady from Kilcosgriff Castle is said to have come to this building when a Major Langford died here. She was seen by a nurse treating the Major.

Earl Gerald
Location: Rathkeale - Castle Matrix
Date / Time: Every seven years
The earl is said to walk under Lough Gur, emerging on the back of a black horse every seven years to visit his former home. Another former earl, James, is also said to haunt the castle - he was murdered by his servants.

Armless Woman
Location: Rathkeale - Churchyard
A female spectre which haunted the churchyard was so terrifying that all who looked upon her died soon after. A local man banished the shade by slicing off her arm with his sword and praying for the rest of the night.

Richard Ely
Location: Roscrea - Ballaghmore Castle
Richard was shot in the castle by a poacher, and has remained here since. One of the flagstones is still discoloured by his blood.

Night Coach
Location: Roscrea - Timoney Park
Carrying the shades of the Parker-Hutchinson family, this phantom coach travels towards their former home.

Location: Shanagolden - St Katherine's Nunnery (ruins)
It is said that this Countess was mistakenly buried alive under the alter. Her shadowy figure waits and occasionally cries out for her former husband to realise his mistake.

Cavalier on Horseback
Location: Shannon - Bickford House
The family which once lived in this house were haunted by a Cavalier who would appear galloping towards the building just prior to a death or bad news.

Cold Air
Location: Shannon - Private residence along O'Brien Park
A couple who moved into the building experienced a constant coldness throughout the building, even with heating and a fire burning in the sitting room. After moving out a few months later they discovered that a previous tenant hanged himself in the building.

Stomping Boots
Location: Skellig Michael - Lighthouse and general area
The lighthouse was haunted by cries, bangs, doors which slammed, and the sound of footsteps which crossed the floor as the keepers sat down to eat. The haunting drove two of the keepers away (or drove them insane, depending on the source).

Location: Sopwell - Sopwell (or Killaleigh) Castle
Screams followed by the sound of a body being dragged down a staircase persist in haunting this castle.

Strange Woman
Location: The Burren - Ballynalackan Castle
The shadowy figure of an unknown woman stands around the castle entrance, as if in waiting.

Spanish Sailors
Location: The Burren - Beach near Doonagore Castle
The beach below the castle is haunted by the ghosts of Spanish sailors from a shipwrecked Armada ship. Those who did not drown were quickly put to death by Boetius Clancy, the Sheriff of Clare.

Red Mary
Location: The Burren - Leamaneh Castle
Mary O'Brien was said by many to be a witch, and tales are told of how frequently she hanged her servants if they made mistakes. Some say she was finally caught by her enemies and left to stave to death in a hollow tree. Regardless of how she died, her unearthly form still returns to her castle.

The Kerry Carabuncle
Location: Tiduff - Mount Brandon - Lough Veagh and/or Lough Geal
This lake is home to a mythical snake-like beast which is covered in jewels and gold. The monster is said only to appear once every seven years.

Shuck and Friends
Location: Tuamgraney - Wooded area
This wooded hollow is particularly haunted around Halloween, when it is said to change into dense woodland with demonic creatures, including a red eyed dogs and rams.

Dark Haired Woman
Location: Waterford - Private house in the Grange area
A family reported that a middle-aged woman with her dark hair tied up in a bun had haunted their home for twenty years. She often stood on the staircase, watching the occupants go about their business.

Jack Hayson
Location: Waterford - Quay
Eli Hayson peered from the window of his house which overlooked the quay and watched his twin brother Jack emerge and come running towards him. Jack appeared terrified and was being chased by three men. Before Eli had a chance to act, all four figures vanished. Not long after, Eli heard that his brother had drowned at Cork, fifty miles away.


Location: Athenry - Dunsandle House
The ghost of a tall man attached itself to the mantelpiece which was in this house - when a stoneworker took the piece away, the ghost followed both it and him and began to haunt his workshop. Items were thrown around, and strange fiddling could be heard at night. It is unclear whether the new owner returned the mantelpiece or smashed it up.

Faces at the Windows
Location: Athleague - Castle Strange
Built on a site of Celtic ceremony, many people have reported seeing weird faces peering out of the windows.

Knocking Girl
Location: Ballinasloe - Rathpeak House
An unknown young girl has sometimes been seen standing by an upstairs window in the ruined house. There are reports of strange, loud bangs which drift from the empty building.

Just William
Location: Ballinfull - Lissadell House
Another building haunted by W B Yeats, Yeats himself saw the ghost of one of his friends on the staircase.

Green Lady
Location: Boyle - Rockingham House (currently a barracks?)
Soldiers stationed at the barracks reported seeing this green lady as she patrolled the area. Some said she was a former servant at the house who went mad and hid herself away in a vegetable cupboard.

Christopher St George
Location: Clarinbridge - Tyrone House
Christopher came from a strongly Protestant family, but fell in love with and married a Catholic woman. His family immediately disowned him, his ghost a testament to his protests of being unfairly treated.

Location: Connemara - Renvyle House
This house is thought to be haunted by the ghost of a man who strangled himself with bare hands.

St Patrick
Location: Croagh Patrick - General area
Climbers in the region sometimes hear the sound of a hand bell, which encourages them to keep climbing to the summit, though they never see the bell or bell ringer. The consensus of belief is that the bell is rung by St Patrick himself.

WB Yeats
Location: Galway - Renvyle House hotel
Yeats treated this building as home away from home, and is believed to still reside here. Several of the rooms are also haunted by the ghosts of children.

Yeats's Son
Location: Gort - Islandmore Castle
While the building is now thought to be haunted by the son of W B Yeats, the poet himself believed his summer home to be shared by a ghost of a Norman soldier.

Location: Loughrea - Castle Daly
The echo of a party, complete with music and laughter, can be heard from the building, though some reports say the celebrations end with screams and cries for help.

Sad Old Man
Location: Maam Cross - Old dirt road running along a hill
This phantom stands on a sharp bend in the road - cars have passed straight through him.

Black Hound
Location: Pontoon - Crossing between Lough Conn and Lough Cullin
This area is reputedly home to a black spectral hound. The ghostly creature is said to cause fear in living dogs.

Sound of Firearms
Location: Streedagh - Somewhere along the Sligo / Bundoran road
Ten years after an ambush occurred on the site, a witness returning home reported hearing gunfire and seeing misty shapes in wearing peaked caps.

Man Carrying Stone
Location: Strokestown - Hilly road in the area
It was once not uncommon to see the ghost of a figure carrying a large mill stone along this road.

Annie O'Flynn
Location: Westport - Ross House, between Westport and Newport
A former maid at the house, Annie was said by the owner to have appeared to him many years after her death. She has also been seen or heard by other family members. Other ghostly figures appear seated by the drawing room fire, and one man reported seeing a loathing face at the window.


Sinking Coach
Location: Antrim - Antrim Castle
Date / Time: 31 May (reoccurring)
A coach pulled by a team of four horses which sunk into the pond drowning all on board is seen repeating the tragic accident once a year. In addition, a stone wolfhound which stands by the gateway is said to have once been flesh and blood - the dog gave a warning to an advancing sneak attack upon the castle before turning into rock. It now safeguards the Clotworthy family name on the condition it is never removed. Finally, the sound of heavy breathing can be heard coming from the ruined building.

Bloody Puddle
Location: Antrim - Mussenden temple library
A mysterious patch of blood occasionally appears on the floor of this building, evaporating away a few minutes later.

Hanged People
Location: Antrim Town - Corner of the Belmont Road and Cunningham Way
A number of residents to the area have spotted ghosts of people hanging from the trees. Local folklore says that this was once the location of a hanging tree.

Female Cyclist
Location: Antrim town - Dublin Road (poss. British Road), towards the airport
While travelling to work, a man spotted a young girl wearing a long 1900's type dress cross the road on an old fashioned bicycle. When the witness reached the point where he had seen her, he realised that there were no gaps in the heavy hedge rows and that on either side of the road deep ditches leading into heavily ploughed fields made it impossible for anyone to cross at that point.

Piper Piping
Location: Ballintra - Cave system known as Pullans
The sound of pipes echoes throughout this cave structure on certain nights, as the ghost of a piper tries to find his way out.

Lady Isobel Shaw
Location: Ballygally - Ballygally Castle Hotel
Lady Isobel jumped to her death from an upper window to escape a slow lingering death administrated by her husband. She now knocks on various doors before running away. Madame Nixon is named as another ghost to be found here, and can be recognised by the rustling of her dress.

Location: Ballymena - Dundermot Mound
A phantom coach and four ride around the area. The ghostly driver will ask anyone he spots 'is the bridge at Glarryford still up?' - any answer will ensure the witness will die within a year.

Headless Horseman
Location: Ballymena - Road leading to the White Gates, Crebilly Road area
A robber escaping from a house rode into a thin piece of wire tightly pulled between the gateposts here, losing his head in the process. His decapitated shade is either seen or heard at Halloween, still on horseback.

Location: Ballymena - Tullyglass Hotel
Carrie is believed to have died in the tower around two hundred years ago when the Tullyglass was a mansion house.

George Hutchinsons
Location: Ballymoney - Main Street
Date / Time: Midnight, every Friday the thirteenth (reoccurring)
With a large metal ball chained to his ankle, George 'Bloody' Hutchinsons walks one way down the street before turning back again. It is reported that anyone who can prevent him from completing his journey will dismiss the spirit forever.

Green Lady
Location: Ballyshannon - The Barracks, Erne Bridge
This old garrison building was said to be haunted by a green lady, though little more is known about her.

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